Sunday, April 28, 2013

WonderLand Personal Lubricant

Doc Johnson's WonderLand Personal Lubricant

The Wonderland personal lubricant is a great product to have within your reach. Being a water-based lubricant, it provides a great smooth, silky touch, so applying it to a male's genitals increases the pleasure of touch and makes it almost unbearable for them to handle, which is always satisfying. 

There is no odor with this product and I would not recommend using it during oral sex. It makes a great product when dealing with larger toys or just easier insertion. You only have to use a small amount, but more is always better to make a toy silky smooth or the genitals slick and easy to rub and please. I love this product dearly because it's helped so much with toys that I found difficult to insert with stickier products or self lubricant. Wonderland is velvety to the touch, but does have a slight sticky feeling, primarily to the touch. 

Also, since this is a water-based lubricant, when using it in the shower, it does not wear or falter and it works perfectly to enhance the pleasure. If you want to remove the product, you'd want to use soap and water. 

Before using, always make sure that the toy you are using it with states water-based lubricants are okay to use, so you do not ruin the toy. 

In the end, this product was the best so far for toys and self lubrication and made the intimate moments easier and more pleasurable. Use it with a toy that is proving to be difficult to insert, or just to give that slick, smooth feeling that helps vibrators stimulate your clitoris and make it easy to please. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a better, less sticky product that still does its job to the fullest. 
You will fall into the rabbit hole willingly just to experience the pleasure this product can give you every time!

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