Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hot, Hot, Salsa


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A discreet and travel-friendly powerful vibe made of body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic with long-lasting rechargeable battery and simple push button control.
The Salsa is absolutely worth it, the design is fabulous, sleek, smooth and discreet making it overall an awesome product. The power of this product is amazing and will have you squirming and wanting more and more of it.
USE:   The Salsa has officially become my absolute favorite vibe. It's discreet, petite, absolutely adorable and can be used a variety of ways. This product is primarily made for clitoral stimulation and would not do being inserted vaginally or anally, but can be used to stimulate those other areas with absolute caution and care. The Salsa can be used to also stimulate areas such as the nipples, neck, breasts and thighs for a great tease. This product has a slanted top making it great for stimulating the clit by keeping it planted on the clitoris or moving it in a circulatory motion. I enjoyed the Salsa the most when I was moving it in circles on my vaginal area so that it would just slightly flick my clitoris, teasing me to the point of no return. It is shaped perfectly to please the sensitive spot and create a great climax. This product works great with lubrication; it will slide easily around to please you how you'd like. I could not believe the amount of power this small, lipstick-shaped vibe had.    Use the Salsa alone or with your partner to heat up any situation. This product works perfectly with other toys, such as the Body and Soul Lust g-spot vibrator. By working a g-spot vibrator inside your vagina and having the Salsa rotate and please your clit you’ll feel unbelievable amounts of stimulation. You can also have your partner please you with this product while going down on you. The different functions and vibrations of this product paired with the pleasure of oral is out of this world, I enjoyed every bit of it. This product is by far the absolute best and worth every dollar!
Material/Texture:   The Salsa by We-Vibe is made entirely of plastic. The Salsa's smooth body has no displeasing odor even when placed under your nose and you will barely catch a whiff of a plastic smell when doing so. This material has no flexibility but works perfectly with lubrication making it slick, smooth and easy to maneuver around your area, giving this product a silky smooth texture and non-porous body is absolutely gorgeous making it fun to just touch and have in your hands. 
   The Salsa has no ridges or bumps, only a slanted top that works tremendously to please your clitoris and labia area. It has a ball-shaped end that makes holding and maneuvering the toy easy as can be. There is nothing uncomfortable about this product, I love it!
Design/Shape/Size:   The Salsa is a slim pocket vibe that can be taken anywhere. It is only 3 1/2" long and 5/8" in diameter. I'd say it is about as long as an average sized middle finger.
   This product is so discreet, but also use caution and care when taking a product while traveling because of it being so small it could be easily misplaced or lost which would be very disappointing. The Salsa luckily comes with a very cute white colored silk like bag so if I were you I'd keep it safely inside it.
   The Salsa has such a great, slim design that works for all individuals. It also has a brilliant slanted tip making clitoral or vaginal stimulation on point.Functions/Performance/Controls:   The Salsa is very simple to use, it has a simple push button on the bottom of the toy and to turn the toy off it just takes holding the button down for 2 seconds. The best part of this toy is that it remembers the function you left off at so you do not have to go through the others to get to your favorite. The power of this product is incredible. It delivers power throughout the entire toy and never falters.

   The Salsa has 8 powerful functions: 
1. Low but deep vibrating 
2. Medium, deep vibration 
3. High, deep vibration 
4. Higher than the third setting and less deep of a vibration 
5. Pulsation 
6. A roller coaster pattern of vibrations 
7. Quick pulsation 
8. Slightly quicker pulsation 
   The Salsa comes with another great addition to the toy, that being an LED light that shows the one controlling the toy the type of vibration that is going on. Example being if the toy is pulsating, the LED light is also pulsating. 
   Depending on the amount of use it last about 2 hours running start to finish, if you are turning the product on and off it could be less but the session would be more I'm sure. The salsa is also rechargeable so buying new batteries for it is not needed... EVER! It comes with a charging base that magnetically connects to the base of the toy and plugs into any standard wall outlet.

Care & Maintenance:   Being a plastic product the care and maintenance is very simple. You can simply wipe down the product with a toy wipe or just soap and water. When it comes to using a lubrication the instructions state to only use water based lubricants.
   The Salsa is also waterproof making it a great product to take along with you and your partner in the shower or even tub, this product can be fully submerged but that is always something to be careful with because of the base being where the product charges.
   Maintaining this product is simple because it comes with a cute little pouch bag that makes storing it simple but because it is petite in size I'd suggest keeping it somewhere simple or where it wont be lost.